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Supportive Housing
Frequently Asked Questions

Housing Applications can be found at and are accepted on a rolling basis. Please click the housing form button to begin the form for yourself or the person you are referring to. 

Please make sure to include complete and detailed information in all sections of the Housing Form Application to the best of your ability. 

Priority is given to individuals from an inpatient mental health unit, Residential Rehabilitation Program (RRP), homeless or have verified proof of risk of homelessness. 

Please note the eligibility screening process takes time. It includes documentation review and multiple interviews. We ask that you be patient in the process as multiple inquiries only slows our time from meeting the needs of our clients. 

Please visit our website or call our office

(1-833-75-TAKES) to learn about vacancies in the regions we serve.

1.  What is our supportive housing program?

It Takes a Village for Change offers supportive housing for low income and homeless families and singles with mental health disorders and/or disabilities. It is our belief that when people are given the appropriate tools and resources that they are more likely to be successful in their road to optimal well-being. Having said that, we offer housing to clients that are willing to engage in any mental health/substance abuse services that are recommended after an intake process and assessment is completed by a licensed provider. We then require all members of the family age 5 and over to maintain the recommended services while in our supportive housing program. Supportive services are provided to improve the quality of life for the residents.

2.  How Long Does Supportive Housing Last?

Our supportive housing program is designed to meet you where you are at in your treatment and well-being. Having said that, it is hard to put a cap on when we expect you to complete the program. It is our goal and hope that your able to reach your goals within 6 months to a year but understand that is not the case for everyone. Having said that, as long as you are making the commitment to your mental health and wellbeing and following the rules and regulations of the program, we will continue our commitment to your affordable housing while in our program. Many participants use the help they receive from our supportive housing as a stepping stone to embark upon the next chapter of their lives while others choose to remain and grow with us. 

3.  How do you determine how much I will have to pay?

Since the program is designed to help the individuals/families be self-sufficient after completion, we do charge a program fee monthly that is equivalent to no more than 30% of the head of household income and income of any other adults in the home. This sliding scale is modified whenever income is reduced or increased to ensure that housing program fees are affordable and attainable to the families. At no time will we consider the income of any minors in the home in determining financial ability to pay program fees.

4.  Where will I have to live if I enter supportive housing with ITAVFC?

Currently, our housing program serves clients in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. We are a small team and wish to extend our service areas in the near future.

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